Our Services

Shipboard installations, marine services and IT solutions:

Full-service ship agency that provides professional representation to ship owners, managers, harbors, dry-docks etc. Installation and repair of ship equipment, hardware, software, etc. Marine services include consultancy services to various financial and shipping stakeholders and connecting - technicians, spares & stores, provisions, hardwares etc. to various ships. It also includes preparing comprehensive dry dock specifications and executing the project according to plan. The IT solution provides innovative marine softwares, enterprise resource planning, integrated solutions, setting up an IOT platform and data control system onboard ships as well as offshore. These solutions may have applications in business intelligence analytics and smart ship management in making data-driven decisions based on cloud technologies, weather forecasts etc. Solutions also contribute to IMO sustainable development goals.

Ship broking and Chartering:

Shipbroking and chartering cover all vertices in the supply chain such as freight forwarding, custom clearance etc. for all kinds of vessels, offshore supply, platform supply vessels, FPSOs, drill ships and other support vessels carrying cargoes including dry bulk, wet bulk, gas bulk, containers, goods in package form etc. Services also include ship broking, sale - purchase and demolition, quality new building etc. across the globe.

Ship operations, management and Manning:

Company provides full operation and management services such as technical, QHSE marine operations, electrical superintendents, safety insurance, logistics and purchases for vessel maintenance, repairs, surveys, inspections, audits, technical consultations and supply of spares provisions, catering services for a wide range of vessel types in the wet, dry and container sectors. It provides crew management services to support ship operation and training to various seamen, on-signers, on board as well as on shore staff such as technical and marine superintendent, naval architectects, subject matter experts etc. Connect manpower with vessels including domestic and international ticketing and visa arrangements and appointing shipping agencies. Provides services to train crew and establishes training facilities including simulators, innovation center, workshops etc.